Vivace Competition

 Vivace Music Competition

Competition Date: Sunday April 2, 2017

Winners’ Concert: Sunday April 30,2017 6:30pm

Location: Villa Maria Academy, 370 Central Ave, Malvern, PA 19355

We believe that music competitions stimulate excellent and passionate musicianship. This competition gives young musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent. It also rewards their hard work. It feeds their aspirations to improve, develop poise, and express their sense of musicality. The Vivace Competition offers an extraordinary opportunity for gifted young musicians to develop and advance their talents through performance. It is designed to inspire young artists, challenge their resilience and recognize their accomplishment. It will enrich the experience and enjoyment of instrumental music performance.

Dear 2017 Vivace Competition participants,

Thank you for your participation in the 2017 Vivace Music Competition.All judges were happy with the very quality of the contestants in all age and instruments and ensembles categories.Vivace Competition thanks all the parents who made this wonderful musical experience possible for their children,  supporting and encouraging the children and youth so effectively.You are the loving hearts and hands behind your children’s success.

*Bravo to you!*

The judges’ comments will be emailed as the attachment shortly.We hope the feedback will be helpful as your musical studies and next accomplishments moving forward.

Vivace Music Competition Winners’ concert

Sunday April 30, 2017 at 6:30* PM *

Villa Maria Academy Marian Center (Auditorium)

All competition contestants will get one complimentary ticket on April 30th at the door.

Ticket at the door : $10 for students / $15 for adults.  (Ticket is a voting card for Vivace Idol)

This is Fundraising ticket sale for Villa Maria’s Tri-M Honor society.All proceeds will help to create  Villa Maria Academy Music Scholarship and for  Music Ministry at Camilla Hall where retired sister/former teachers resides.

The winner result is posted online.Winners, please read the following information carefully.

Winners’ concert is MANDATORY for all (winners)awarded participants (First,Second and Honorable Mention)to receive the award certificate.

Please confirm your commitment to be present at the Winner’s concert by replying to the email.

The winners of First and Second Place must perform in the winners’ concert. 

* You must play exactly same piece with same cuts as you did at the audition

* You must provide your own accompanist and make all arrangements necessary

2017 Vivace Music Idol

At the end of the concert the audience will vote to pick two (2) Grand Prize winners.

Whoever gets the most votes from the audiences  will be the official two  Winners of Vivace Music Idol.

One Music Idol will be chosen from Upper String Winners (Violin, Viola).

Another music idol will be chosen from Lower string winners ( Cello and Bass).

The winners receive Full tuition scholarship to participate in Chamber Strings Summer Camp 2017 (2 weeks session $950).

Ensembles are not eligible for Grand Prize.

*We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s Vivace Competition and other Vivace and Chamber Strings programs and activities. Just keep on playing, keep on smiling!*

Vivace and Villa Maria Academy Tri-M honor society is  sponsoring

Dr. Maria Radicheva  

(Professor at Manhattan Music School)

Violin Master Class 

Sunday April 30, 2017 2:30 PM

Villa Maria Academy Marian Center (Auditorium)

If any of the violinist wish to participate please get in touch with Ms. Leah by April 13th, 2017:

Only 2 spaces left

After the Master Class Dr. Radicheva will stay for Question/Answer session and reception for all attending.


Ms. Leah Kim, Director

Ms. Jennifer Jie Jin, Co-Director


2017 Vivace Music Competition result

Senior Ensemble

1st prize : Cello Rocks (Kail Yuan,Hannah Yoon, Isaac Kim,Sierra Wei,Sarah Yoon, Tyler Yang,Hyunjin Christina Lee,Anya Chan)

2nd prize : Daniel Chow and Rachel Chen

Honorable Mention : Villa Maria Quartet (Jenny Feng, Rachel Chen, Nicole Slaats and Mackenzie Howell)

Junior Ensemble

1st prize : Anagha Kapsi and Sophie Odia

2nd Prize : Ryana Rajesh and Carolina Ho

Honorable Mention: Joshua Prior and Rachel Prior

Children Ensemble

2nd prize : Nicholas Brady and Lucia Brady


Senior Cello Solo

1st prize : Hannah Yoon

Honorable Mention : Isaac Kim

Junior Cello Solo

1st prize : Anya Chan

2nd prize : Anika Jaswal

Honorable Mention : Samuel Kim, Sarah Yoon and Sierra Wei

Children Cello Solo

1st prize : Ruijia Yang

2nd prize : Katina Pantazopoulous

Honorable Mention : Matthew Chung,Owen Li, Mabel Qiu, Kai Wong and  Audrey Song


Senior Viola Solo

1st prize : Jenna McGeoch

Honorable Mention : Sejin Park

Junior Viola Solo

1st prize : Juliana Castillo

Children Viola Solo

Honorable Mention : Payton Smith Holzbaur


Senior Violin Solo

1st prize : Portia Maidment

2nd prize : Rachel Chen

Honorable Mention :Valeria Varlashova and Adam Zhang

Junior Violin Solo

1st prize : Bowen Ying

2nd prize : Joshua Prior, Juliana Castillo

Honorable Mention : Ashley Zhang, Esther Kim,Eric Zhao,  and Haley Chung

Children 1 Violin Solo

1st prize : Lucia Brady

Honorable Mention : (*special honorable mention:Channa Andrey Lee),Noelle Prior, Christopher Li and Zoe Zhang

Children 2 Violin Solo

1st prize : Denis Ryabovol

2nd prize : Jiaray Shi

Honorable Mention : Nicholas Brady,  Elizabeth Yeh, Bethany Prior, Natalie Chen, Jack Chao, Carolyn Urban, Amelie Matuch


Age Categories: as of April 2, 2017

Solo Violin, viola Cello and Double Bass (Winners will be chosen for each instrument from each age category.)

  • Children Division #1: Grade K-2
  • Children Division #2: Grade 3-5
  • Junior Division: Grade 6-8
  • Senior Division: Grade 9-12

String Ensembles: ( Winners will be chosen for each age category.)

  • Children Ensemble Division: Grade K through 5
  • Junior Ensemble Division: Grade 6 through 8
  • Senior Ensemble Division: Grade 9 through 12


Please check more information about the competition under Rules and Regulations!

Please refer any questions regarding to: Ms. Leah Kim

Villa Maria Academy Music Department 370 Central Ave. Malvern PA 19355

Email: Phone: 610-644-2551 ext 1044