Testimonials & FAQ


My son had attended Chamber Strings Music Camp and enjoyed the program very much. The Camp teachers was composed with highly skilled, dedicated and caring professionals from all over the country. He was challenged, inspired, and learned a lot of music. It was the highlight of his summer. Thank you!!!

– Flora

I participated in the Chamber Strings music camp for two years and both have been amazing learning experiences. The teachers are all exceptional and the music is very vigorous. I felt that everybody challenged by the repertoire no matter what level they were at and by the end, I can confidently say that we have grown tremendously in just a short amount of time. Not to mention, the atmosphere is very cozy and accepting, and I felt welcomed by all of the staff and students. It was very easy to make friends and get along.

– Hannah

During past couple of years, our two boys participated in this great music camp. The chamber strings music camp has provided excellent music education for our children as well as having just a fun and social environment for them to be in. They both love it ! Thank you very much for such wonderful opportunity!

– Xiaoling

Chamber Strings has helped me learn so much in such a short time frame. The teachers always give above-and-beyond instruction and the kids are so friendly and focused. I have attended the camp for multiple summers and have always been pushed to my limits!

– Audrey

Chamber strings camp offers an exceptional chamber music experience with top-notch and dedicated teachers in a small group setting.Our daughters have learned to work collaboratively with other students while making beautiful music together. Also, throughout the ensemble training, I felt that our daughters have gained more self-confidence, have grown to become more responsible human beings as well as strong musicians. They also have made lasting friendships.

– Sandy


Differences of the program: We heard good things about the camp from one of our friends, but we are wondering the differences of the program, String orchestra, Intensive chamber music, Petit violin/viola cello ensemble.

Intensive Chamber Program: The students will be grouped in String/Piano Trio, Quartet or Quintet.There are about 2-3 daily coaching, rehearsals, daily master class and performance . There are 3-5 students per group and each student will play their own individual part and they will be responsible to learn their own part.

String Orchestra program: AM sectionals and PM Orchestra. There are at least 5 students per section playing the same part.

Petit Program is geared toward less advanced string students. AM Instrumental group playing, ( optional ) PM Ear-training (pitch work/ singing and Rhythm work) it is set up to be great for the students to be well rounded music student.

We were planning to record his/her playing and send via email. Does he/she still need to provide it or no need if he/she has been accepted?

YES, it is crucial for us to know the level of the students so the students could be placed appropriately in the group/section according to the students’ age and level of playing.

Why should young children play chamber music?

The greatest joy of learning an instrument is to be able to play chamber music.

The music-making experience only gets better when you play with your friends. Listening, awareness, responsiveness, and flexibility are all things which can be talked about in lessons, but they are learned so quickly through a chamber music experience. The more experience gained, the more that students can develop their radar and be very quick to react and respond to the players around them – the music becomes alive and breathing, with each performance being a unique experience.

By playing in small groups, young students get a head start on developing their listening and teamwork skills. We believe that young musicians should start playing with other musicians virtually from the beginning of their study. We offer pieces from early beginner level on up so that your students can start playing in groups before they even learn how to read eighth notes!

How will my child benefit from Chamber Strings Music Camp?

Your child will learn how to be better listeners and how to work together by playing in a small group. Chamber Strings summer camp strives to teach students to be more disciplined, to improve their musicianship, and to become better listeners while keeping their innate, childlike creativity alive and thriving.